As Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney refused to let the state alter its birth certificates for gay parents—forcing couples to cross out “father” and write “second parent” in ink, the Boston Globe reports. A Department of Public Health lawyer warned that such hand-written alterations hurt “the integrity of the vital record-keeping system”—and might give children problems “later in life”—but Romney held firm. What’s more, his office insisted on reviewing each request for a birth certificate by gay parents

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FYI: Joe Biden drafted the Violence Against Women Act.

In 2012, Paul Ryan and House Republicans wouldn’t even vote for it, because it sought to include undocumented immigrants, same-sex partners and Native American women into the bill.

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Romney logic, works .1% of the time.


Romney logic, works .1% of the time.



Shan Carter at the New York Times does a nice job turning Obama’s 2013 budget into an infographic




Shan Carter at the New York Times does a nice job turning Obama’s 2013 budget into an infographic






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Yo, assholes: every tweet is quoted directly from one of over 50 Ron Paul newsletters. Don’t believe me? Here they are, and if you find a single tweet I blogged that’s not in the official Ron Paul newsletters, I’ll go make a donation to the Paul campaign.

Having worked in a Congressional office before, I understand that the fact that he didn’t personally write them is bullshit. Normally Congressmen don’t write all their literature (after all, what are staff for), but this shit doesn’t get sent out time and time again without (at a minimum) implicit approval from the boss. This was not “misattributed” or published by some malicious 3rd party aimed at bringing down the Libertarian Chosen One, this is the fucked up shit that Candidate Paul and his staff believe. Deal with it.

If someone ghost writes for Ron Paul… aren’t they Ghost writing his opinion for him… what?

That’s what ghost writing is.  Someone else jots down the beliefs and thoughts of the subject and it gets approved by the boss, and in this case it’s Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is a women/PoC/education/glbt/middle class hating asshole. 
People need to wake up to that.

By supporting Ron Paul, you support these regressive views. 

MotherFUCK Ron Paul and his backwards, archaic ass. He’s got some great campaign runners, I’ll give him that, but he’s the exact same sack of shit in a different wrapping. I will be DAMNED if I call him President of anything.





We’ve obtained a foot-tall stack of letters from Tea Party-friendly politicians seeking cash from the government. Go, saunter on into the hypocrisy.

The first letter annoys us the most. Eric Cantor trying to get money for a JetBlue route from NYC to Cancun? Lamesauce. Suggestion to Newsweek: Create a Tumblr called PoliticiansAskingForMoney.tumblr.com. It would be awesome.

That’s rich.



I… what the shit is this? Why would anyone think this is okay?

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